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"My Karma Ran Over My Dogma"

My new book, entitled Jesus in the Wilderness: Seeds of the Gospel,
is now available at

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A remarkable collection of poems by the late Tim Hahn,
Wight: The Inmost Listener,
is available online at
Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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If you enjoy mystery novels, please consider The Dean's Murders, Classical Villainy, Excess Homicide, Head For Murder, and eight other great books by my long-time friend H.P. Hanson. These Four Corners Mysteries are available online at your favorite dot-com bookseller.

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December, 2000

My first volume of poetry, entitled Indigo Avenue,
is available at
Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

November, 2002

My second volume of poetry, TigerTale, is available
Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

In 2015, my third volume of poetry, entitled Little Did He Know,
became available at